Soooo.. Here I go!

Okay, so this is extremely new to me. What exactly is blogging? Is it similar to keeping a journal? I have experimented with keeping a diary in the past, but that ended badly when, at 14 years of age, my brother got hold of it and shared all of my innermost secrets with his mates, including my crush on his best friend. Since then, I have been uber private, and rarely share my deepest thoughts with anybody, even my own best friend. So please be patient, and try to retain a little kindness..


I have always dreamed of becoming a writer of some kind, mainly a fiction author as I love books so much. But I have also considered journalism in the past. There have been enough ramblings, rants, and witty status updates posted on Facebook in recent years, leading to the odd person suggesting that I should begin a blog. So, I have finally decided to give it a go! Whether it is successful or not remains to be seen. Will people want to read the rubbish I am capable of spouting? We will find out. Will I overcome my crippling insecurity and begin to believe that my writing matters? Hmm, not so sure. But right now, I am willing to try.

So please, feel free to hang around. I will do my best to keep you entertained!

15 thoughts on “Soooo.. Here I go!

  1. Aww, well I am here reading and trust me, your writing is not rubbish at all! I can definitely understand the phobia of diaries (my first and only diary was found out by my parents with a list of all the boys I had a crush on, why oh why would I write that?) but rest assured, blogging is such a pleasant experience because people are here to listen, support and so far, it’s been very positive! I’ve also learned more and developed my writing which has been so helpful. It will definitely give you a confidence boost 😀
    Keep up the good work!

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  2. Even I started my blog just recently so I can definately relate to you and even in some other ways.
    I read your other post and you write beautifully……so Good Luck for this new journey.
    And I really liked the name of your blog

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  3. I think all writers have doubts in the beginning as to whether they are “good enough”. I have just recently started 2 blogs. Early Childhood Edu-play-tion is my blog for professionals working with, and parents of, young children My second blog The Inner MIRROR is my personal blog of daily insights into life. For me, the most important reminder is to remember that we are all individuals with individual styles and our writing reflects that and so while we want to improve our craft, we do not aspire to be like anyone else. Embrace and celebrate your uniqueness and let it shine through your writing…you do not need others approval but constructive feedback is always an asset. Good luck and I am following you 🙂

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  4. Hey,
    Even I started my blog quite recently and am trying to figure everything out so I can definately relate to you that also includes the fear of opening up. Even I began my blog because my best friend suggested that. You are doing really great. I read your other post and you write beautifully and all the best for this new journey.

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  5. As a new blogger, myself, I understand the quandary you’re in, for I am facing it, myself: Where do I start? Will what I write be good? Will it be entertaining, or fascinating, or…or…or…

    I believe you’re off to a great start. I’ve read your other posts, after this one, and I appreciated all of them. So, keep with it. Let the free-flowing thoughts run right onto the computer screen. Let’s both of us, and those of us who are new, and veterans, embrace this endeavor, and bring the readers along for the ride.


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  6. I think every writer is riddled with self-doubt. It’s always comforting and reassuring to hear some the greats say that they can’t be sure whether what they’ve written is ingenious or inadequate. Bukowski said, “Bad writers tend to have the self-confidence, while the good ones tend to have self-doubt.” Even the immensely talented Zadie Smith has had to fight a daily battle when writing:

    Skip to 2:24 🙂

    Well done on getting the blog going. I’ve been reading some of your posts and I’ve enjoyed them — I look forward to reading more!

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