If in doubt, just write..

Well, I have been here for just over a week and, I admit, I am still finding my feet. There is so much about WordPress I don’t yet understand, such as categorising and tagging – are there set categories, and if so, what are they? Or do I just improvise, which I have been doing, and make up my own? I don’t like my blogs being classed as “uncategorised”. It makes them sound anonymous, unimportant, and maybe they are in the grand scheme of things. But not to me.

So I’ve decided, instead of umming and aahing about the WordPress rules and constantly wondering if I am blogging correctly, I will follow my own simple rule – if in doubt, just write.

And so, this is why you may find that many of my blogs are a rambled stream of consciousness – I will basically choose a subject that interests me at the time, and waffle about it until I have nothing more to say on the matter. Hopefully I won’t confuse too many people along the way.

I have always loved writing and my earliest ambition was to write a book – back then, pony stories were my passion, and I was constantly scribbling in notebooks. I also took up letter-writing when I was 8 after meeting a girl on holiday in Abersoch and deciding to stay in touch. Bearing in mind, this was in the days before computers and mobile phones, Facebook and Whatsapp. Back then, it was the norm to pick up a pen, write a letter, buy a stamp, and pop it in the post box.

I always had an idea in my head when I was younger, and was wonderfully creative, especially with my pen-pals, who regularly received letters filled with news, pictures, and mini-quizzes. I even created my own magazine at one point, and sent it out monthly to certain friends.

Life seems to have dampened that creative streak over the years – although I still have pen-pals, I write to them sporadically these days as “real life” so often gets in the way. And the book I was so determined to finish in my early twenties has long since fallen by the wayside.

But I want to get that passion back. Writing was my first ever ambition, and the desire to write has never really left me. I have merely allowed the difficulties of life to disillusion me over the years, and steer me away from my true destiny.

So this is the main reason I started this blog – I read somewhere that the more you write, the more you want to write. I’m going to write, and write some more, and hopefully eventually resurrect those creative ideas I used to have in abundance. Only this time, I will have the confidence to showcase them.


12 thoughts on “If in doubt, just write..

  1. I love this post. We seem to be of kindred spirit. My suggestion for categorizing and tagging is to visit WordPress’s Blogging University. I am new and learning as I go but have found the tutorials here immensely helpful. Please keep writing!!! I promise to keep reading!!!

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  2. Ok, so, now I realize that maybe I should start categorizing my posts, as well…I’ve been cheerfully blogging the few posts I’ve written, not concerning myself with what category the thoughts that pour from my mind should fit into.

    Thanks for that. 🙂

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  3. I also agree with you and we both I think share the same passion. I also feel that I must write whenever possible and about whatever I can. But I have never given my writing priority which is so bad of me.
    I liked this blog of yours and will remeber what you said , that ” if in doubt , just write ”
    Nice and honest blog !!!
    PS: screw the rules , just blog !!😃

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  4. Hi there, I’m reading this blog of yours again and just was wondering if blogging has become easier. I’ve been with WordPress University for 2 weeks and it’s helped me a lot in not being so nervous or overly expecting of myself. Now I’ve signed up for the more in-depth class on customizing, tags, etc. So I’m looking forward to this adventure. Have a great wknd.


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