Happy New Year

As the year comes to a close, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgia. I am leaving behind so much more than just the year, and as I balance on the cusp of new beginnings, I am wracked with doubt and uncertainly of what lies ahead. The melancholy that runs deeply through my veins is brought to the forefront as December ends, and I find myself worrying. I even begin to rehash mistakes from my past, castigating myself for errors I have made, and things I could and should have done differently. If I am not careful, I may spiral into a depression that would ruin all of the hard work I have put into changing my life. This is not something I want, which is why I am writing it all down, in an attempt to deactivate these feelings of unworthiness. 2017 is sure to be better than the past year, and it will be if I believe in myself.

For all of you who are ending the year on a low, know that you are not alone and that others suffer in silence too. The bad times won’t last forever. Have faith in yourself. Happy New Year!

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