I have given up on dating. I’ve decided; it just isn’t for me. People just aren’t for me, with their fickleness, and their untruths, and their easy betrayal.

I am sick and tired of being lied to, ignored, and made to feel like I am an inconvenience. I have had enough of being made to look like an idiot for chasing after a worthless human being who is quite content to lap up my attention when there is nothing better on do, yet offer nothing in return.

I have been a fool, I admit. I have expected too much from lesser mortals. I have seen glimmerings of love in the wrong places, where there is barely even like. My imagination has run away with me, and I have been left disappointed every time. It is my own fault, for allowing my heart to trust when my head is screaming at me not to.

I have learnt many a lesson at the hands of selfish and unrepentant men, who have taken advantage of my kindness and left me reeling in the dust of their indecisiveness.

So now, instead of wasting my time, I dwell on what I have learnt, and vow never to make the same mistakes again.

If you have to continuously chase after someone, they are not The One.

If you have to convince someone that you’re worthy of their time, they are not The One.

If they are “emotionally unavailable”, they are not The One.

Even if you think about them everyday or can’t stand not talking to them; if you find yourself constantly having to make the first move, they are not The One.

The reality is that the right person for you will never let you slip away, or take advantage of you. They won’t give you cause to question their intentions or how they feel about you, and they will never make you feel like just another disposable option.

I have been a fool in the past, but I have learnt.

2 thoughts on “Fool

  1. Sometimes our expectations let us down. But you’re right, the right person will never do certain things to you.
    I’ve told myself that at the end of the day the people of love are human, do its up to me to take care of myself.

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