High School

So, the week before last, my son Ryan was offered a place at the high school he had been hoping for. To be fair, while many other children had applied for their maximum three choices, Ryan only opted to apply for the one, so the chances of him securing a place were pretty high. I was hoping anyway, as we had no back-up plan. If he hadn’t got a place, I’m not really sure what we would have done! Lucky, really.

Ryan was adamant that University Academy was the school for him, although not for educational purposes. All of his friends were planning on attending, and Ryan thrives off his peer group. While some parents may find this problematic, I really don’t mind. As somebody who hated my time at high school with an intense passion, I would rather my son enjoyed his ‘sentence’ with his friends rather to than suffering due to unhappiness. Like myself as a child, Ryan is shy and awkward in a class situation, yet shines in smaller groups, especially made up of people he is comfortable with. I want him to get the most out of the next six years, and the best way for this to happen is if he is happy in his environment.

As well as that, the high school is literally a five minute walk from home, which will put my mind at rest. As a working single parent, I constantly aim to make life as easy for the both of us to synchronise our lives as possible. After working full time for the first nine years of Ryan’s life and leaving him with various family members in the mornings, I feel that I have missed out enough and have temporarily relinquished any hopes of a career so I can be around for him as much as possible. My part-time jobs fits neatly into his current school day, meaning we leave and return home at the same time. This works much better for him, as he appreciates consistency, and I want him to be happy. After all, in around a year he won’t want anything to do with me – I’ll have been relegated to the embarrassing parent role! Although I do a pretty good job of this role already.. But he doesn’t mind too much just yet!

I am pleased that he will be going to his high school of choice, but a large part of me hankers for an easier time, when I was his favourite person ever and he still wanted to see my face in the school playground every day at 3.10pm! Nowadays, he bikes it to and from school with his mates, and spends the majority of his time at home hidden away in his room, chattering away with his online pals on the Xbox. High school looming on the horizon makes his growing up seem very real, which makes me a little sad. I sometimes wish I could rewind his childhood and savour it the second time around. Unfortunately, however, I don’t have access to a DeLorean, and even if I did, I would probably break the flux capacitor!

He will always be my little boy though. And there is nothing at all that he can do about it! 😁

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