Spring is here!

I am generally inexplicably excited on the eve of every new season, but Spring is always a welcome relief after the cold, short days of Winter. Once the lights of Christmas have been removed, the 4pm sunsets just aren’t as fun anymore, and we begin to yearn for the golden days of Spring. The actual reality of those constant rainy days in April are ignored as we dream of lighter mornings and the fresh green of new growth, daffodils lining the grass verges and lambs gambolling in the fields. It is always a refreshing change from leaving for work in the dark, dismal mornings and returning home in the dark, dismal evenings – for those of us who work a full day, anyway. 

Personally, I feel a sense of anticipation as the new season unfolds before me, like I am capable of anything. I really hope I am!

Happy Spring!

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