A New Beginning

So, I’ve kind of got behind on the whole blogging thing. It hasn’t held my attention quite the way I’d hoped it would. I love to write, but I have little motivation to do anything during the week, once my working day has ended. As an INFJ, prolonged human interaction tends to drain me, and so my spare time is generally spent being a recluse. Sometimes I have the urge to write, sometimes I don’t. I can’t predict when I’ll want to. While I know I should just open up WordPress and start writing, as I’ve done today, but sometimes I just don’t want to.

So, in the hope that it will provide me with the motivation I need, I found the above on Pinterest. Journal prompts for every day in April. Okay, so I’m aware this isn’t a journal, although in my head blogging and keeping a journal are very similar, if not the same thing. I’m also aware that you can find daily prompts on WordPress itself.. but I like to do things my own way.

So let’s see if this works. I’ll be back later for my first installment! 

Happy Saturday! 😊

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